What is Better SEO or PPC?

To some people still, the concept of SEO might not be as clear as it should be.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is described to be the practice of increasing the quality as well as the quantity of the user website via the organic results of the search engine.

Now that the concept is more or less clear, let us see what is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click. It is the model of internet marketing where the advertisers are paying a certain amount of fee each and every time the ads are being clicked.

In this content, we are going to see the details about the PPC and the difference between the SEO and PPC as to which one is better than the other.

What is PPC?

As we read about it earlier, PPC is described to be the pay-per-click process which is an invaluable marketing tool mainly for businesses especially the ones that are looking for a fast traffic increase and a generation of a lead.

There are different types of PPC such as:

· Search advertising

· Social media advertising

· Display advertising

· Remarketing

· Google shopping

· Sequential remarketing

Today, businesses are using the PPC in order to drive traffic and inquiries right from the target audience.

The common PPC platforms permit the outstanding depth of the process of targeting and this means that you are capable of serving ads in front of the ones who deem to fit the demographic of your customers.

PPC has the ability to offer the users an opportunity to reach the audience on time as they look for a business like the one you have.


Two important questions that trigger our mind always is to focus mainly on time or money? SEO or PPC?

This question especially comes to those who are basically new to the market.

You should know, that these two always go hand in hand whenever they are working together.

People think SEO is cheaper than PPC and PPC is expensive, but this might not be true all the time when you take a deeper look at them.

SEO can be considered a free option but this is as long as you don’t class time an expense. Coming to PPC, as the name suggests, it is pay per click. The entire point is being capable of controlling or even setting the limit to whatever you desire to pay or even bid. Framing it in a simple way means that the PPC may not be expensive but if you manage the PPC poorly, then you are sure to end up paying huge amounts of cash that can even exceed the actual value of the results that you are bound to get.

When you use PPC, the keywords are facing high competition and it is difficult to tune the biding strategy and you can even require a second hand to monitor the process closely, mainly during the early stages.

But when you use SEO, as a result of the low-risk nature as well as the character of the SEO, you are capable of starting from anywhere without even having to risk any amount of money outlay.

If you are having a lot of time but a little amount of cash, then SEO is going to be the best option for you as a long-term goal. When you start improving the SEO, you are sure to drive organic traffic to your website. Keep in mind, the best results will not come overnight and the good things happen to those who wait, but it is guaranteed that the results will be enduring and it will result in getting a high quality and you will keep getting visitors to your website.

PPC is described to be controllable and scalable. This means that the budget you set is a fairly decent idea about the number of leads you are going to get. On the other hand, sometimes people choose PPC as the results are quick and can be seen.

What is better SEO or PPC?

It is a unique question that has been asked a lot of time right across the web and the vendors have often claimed that the SEO or the PPC solution has the ability to make changes and differences. The fact of the story is that both the SEO and the PPC are great for business organizations.

Considering that you are new to the industry and you desire to establish yourself in the results of the search engine, and the quickest way is to go through PPC advertising. But, creating a solid organic foundation is very important as well.

Before making the final decision, there are certain questions that one should ask himself before making the decision and call to action.

1) How big is the online budget for advertising?

Before starting with the process, one needs to determine the size of the online advertising budget that the company has the capability to bear and support. If you are not financially stable and strong, the PPC is not your cup of tea and the best is for you to go with the SEO.

2) How much have the CPCs in the user industry cost?

The entire advertising cost should be known before you start making the decision to focus on the SEO or the PPC. One thing that should be determined is that the other companies in your respective industry are paying for the ads.

3) How competitive are the organic rankings in the industry?

In order to determine the level of competitiveness the SERPs are for the user target keywords, and you can enter them in the Google External Research tool for the keywords. In this way, you will be able to see the estimated competition and the level for the terms, along with the number of the bidding advertisers on these respective keywords along with the average of the CPCs.

Coming to the end, as we saw, both SEO and the PPC are great in their own ways and they have their own strengths and weaknesses respectively.

Considering “better” is not easy but we can call it appropriate instead of better. The two SEO and the PPC are going to take work, but the final result is going to be fantastic and worth the try and a great addition to your strategy for the process of marketing.




Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash